This “interwebs” thing is pretty darn amazing!

So yesterday I was in tears because people, strangers from the blogosphere, got my kids some Christmas presents! Seriously amazing stuff happened. Today I’m still in tears because some of the people from that site followed the link to my humble blog and sent me messages of encouragement. So grateful that there are people out there that care and take the time to say it.

Anyway, this is all leading up to a story and a link. haha

They encouraged me to share my gofundme page. Have you heard of this website? It’s pretty amazing. You can pretty much set up an account to raise money for anything!

My page started as a joke because a friend was teasing his mom that she wastes money. I chimed in with “don’t waste money! send it to meeeeeee!” and that was originally the title of my page. Now on a serious note, I’ve changed the title and the page is actually to help raise money to offset the cost of grad school while raising four kids.

So, if any of you feel inclined to donate, comment or want to share the link I would be honored. I had no idea that so many good people could be found with just a click of the mouse.

Bless you all.


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