Giving this blogging thing a try…

I’ve caved to peer pressure, succumbed to curiosity and jumped feet first into the blogosphere.  Hopefully, I can provide you all a glimpse at single parenting and some of the challenges involved when raising children after a divorce while making you laugh. Our life isn’t perfect, it is loud and chaotic and crazy and did I mention loud? We live in a tiny house and we are constantly on top of each other but we love each other fiercely, tease each other mercilessly and if I do say so myself, have a pretty great sense of humor! I hope you enjoy reading about our lives and following along on our adventures.


2 thoughts on “Giving this blogging thing a try…

  1. Hello- we (sort of) met on the Bloggess’s Christmas blog post. Congratulations on your son’s robotics acceptance! That is awesome! If you are interested, I would love to keep in contact. You can email me at cd [at] caradearman [dot] com. I would really like to keep up with your family and life during grad school, and offer any encouragement that I can!


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